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At Monarch Studios our mission is to provide the best customer experience, fantastic tuition in beautiful studios and in our NEW Online Classes. We are a friendly company with approachable staff and nice students! 

World class instruction that fuses the best of England, Canada, United States & Australia. Our teachers are located all over the world and we host dance classes all day and evening to support traditionally educated and home educated students. 

We make customer service our top priority - we are extremely selective in hiring staff and look for both technical expertise and the ability to connect with a diverse group of students.

We only work with top locations and facilities that both parents and their children love.

Whether your child wants to be a professional or just wants to have fun, Monarch has a class for them and will help every child achieve their potential.

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2013 - 2024

  • Association of Dance Competitions & Conventions - Studio of Excellence Award 2023

  • Destination Dance Competition - Best In Show 2023

  • StarPower International - Top Scoring Studio 2023 - London, UK

  • Association of Dance Competitions & Conventions - Studio of Excellence Award 2023

  • Dance World Cup - Team England 2020/2021/2022/2023 Bronze & Silver Medalists

  • As seen on Britain's Got Talent Season 12 

  • Can You Dance? UK National Final -  Senior Silver Medalists 2018

  • Finalist Dance School of the Year 2017

  • Finalist Mumpreneur UK Awards 2015

  • Acrobatic Arts Certified Studio

  • Largest Acrobatic Arts Qualified Teaching Team in Europe

  • Europe's only Acrobatic Arts Module 3 Qualified Instructor

  • Can You Dance? UK Bath Regional Junior Champion 

  • Move It 2018 Acrobatics class SOLD OUT 3rd year in a row!

  • Qualified for Move It Capezio Dance Championship March 2018 

  • Woking Festival of Dance 2018 Overall awards included Top Senior Modern Ballet and Contemporary Dancer, Top Modern Junior Dancer, Top Acro Senior and Junior Soloist, Top Acro Junior Group

  • Rush Dance Championship - Top Group Award 2019

  • Starpower International London 2019 - Junior Mr StarPower Title, Junior Miss StarPower Title, Teen Miss StarPower Title, Miss StarPower Title

  • Star Dance Alliance - Studio of Excellence Award 2019 

  • CYD? UK National Junior & Senior Finalists 2019

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