Junior Acrobatics Online - Tuesdays 16.15-17.00

Junior Acrobatics Online - Tuesdays 16.15-17.00

Join us for JUNIOR ACRO with LIAM on Tuesdays from 16.15-17.00. 

This class is perfect for children age 5-8 who are beginning or improving on their acro technique. Dancers will learn in their own space at home via Zoom and will be introduced to the 5 areas of Acrobatics: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering, and Tumbling. At this level, dancers will work on splits, bridges, pre-handstands, planks, cartwheel prep and cartwheels, baby and quarter scorpions, forearm balances, head stands, front and backward rolls, among other skills. All classes begin with a fun warm up. Parents do not need to spot or supervise, children will work at their own pace through progressions. 


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