• Ms Jennifer - Mum of 4

To book or not to book?

That is the question. We have hit the one year anniversary of lockdown, and we are still here... locked down. Our studio doors have been closed for the better part of a year during three national lockdowns that have wreaked havoc on our dancers, their parents, our teachers and our community. Now with a very good possibility of our studio unlocking in a few short weeks, we find ourselves wondering, will it actually happen? Will it last? Will we get to stay open, continue to grow and nurture our students in person? Or will we be forced back online again?!?! The idea of running our company live in person with our students is almost too good to be true.

One thing is for sure... we are amazed at the resiliency of the children in our company. They have learned and they have grown. They have progressed and although they are hanging on by a thread in these final days of online lessons, they are excited to come back and relight the fire within their hearts in their dance studio, with their teammates, friends and mentors.

Monarch Studios is like a second home to our students, and we are so excited to see our family again when we can open on April 12th.

So the answer is YES... register, book, reserve your places! Come home and dance again.

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