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We are sorry, all of our Monarch Studios locations are currently closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Since our students and teachers must stay at home we have developed a fantastic timetable of classes that all Monarch registered students can access ONLINE! Our International teaching team from Canada, USA, Australia, and England are thrilled to be able to see their students again! 

Please view the timetable below, read our rules, and fill in our online form at the bottom to book your place in our virtual dance studios! 

If you are NEW to Monarch Studios, we would love to meet you and invite you to join our community! Please email to find out more!  

Monarch Online Rules For Dancers:

  • Always partake in our warm ups and cool downs 

  • Do not attempt skills beyond your level and use proper technique

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

  • Clear a dance space in your house. It can be a small area in your bedroom, or move a sofa in your lounge! 

  • Ensure you wear appropriate footwear or dance barefoot on hard floors

  • Only dance "Full Out" if you have enough space to execute the movement fully

  • Never share your videos without parental permission and never share to unknown persons and never enter a live classroom without parental permission. 

I would like to book my child for Online Monarch Classes. I understand that my child will partake at his/her own risk and I acknowledge that Monarch instructors are not liable for any injury incurred whilst my child is participating in online classes. 

Please click the above button which will allow you to email us with your class preferences to make a booking. 

To access our LIVE online classes you will need a Zoom account on the device your child will be learning from. We will send you the Virtual Class Meeting ID and Password upon registration and payment. 

07403 278197

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